isummer 2013

hey guys. this was my summer 2013. all the pics were made with my phone. enjoy your autumn! photos are coming.

thanks for your visits on my page!

done with summer. lets start something else everybody ate it.... my sweets ready steady go lets do this IMG_7025 IMG_7008 strawberry shake sisters love my girls baby shower with carmen jam of roses painting i can cook! rlly! flauschi being creative or something like that thanks to my clients go like a boss new familymember: flauschi wedding with my babes original. I'm romanian snupi my cousin tobias Who else could color this? summer bubbles love our crispy sun chiemsee germany vapiano innsbruck swarovski museum orange innsbruck love this city lauraa innsbruck with alina tirol i have something on my mind summer summer zanoni ice my cousins heart, something else? no mq presens packing OOTD love this girl. kimi with the bride oh la la love them erika. she's the bride such a beautiful wedding place going out with my sis happy birthday honey my mum is the best mum family dinner she's nine now! good job bro annes wedding ??? where? photoshooting annes wedding ready for the wedding my special friend any rabbit attack 2 done with school rabbit attack love these girls finished! thanks God ready for my examen africa festival my best friend iso i can cook, ok? learning bride to be juhu my chipmunks at mcy breakfast with parents and be a supergirl with laura best teacher so not me thanks avec miriam cheers! baby emanuel lauralein loooove it learnsession outbreakband it exists! smile ready to go my little sis chipmunks strawberry best salad learning my treasure eating ice cream before church hi love my cap


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