simon, alexa and the baby bump

Simon and Alexa had their dream wedding last year. they are special guys and very dedicated to God. when I saw Alexa the first time, she was singing in our church. I was very touched by her voice and from that moment I knew that she’s the perfect girl for Simon. they really deserve one another. some months ago I visited them. they lived by Simon’s parents. we talked a lot, while Alexa was baking and Simon did the washing. I was impressed how good they work together. some hours later they showed me their new home. the renovation of the apartment is finished now and they are in love with their own home. Alexa is a strong woman. she knows exactly what she wants and she’s very wise in her decisions. Simon is one of the kindest persons in our church, he loves music and playing bass. this couple is awesome and full of love. what I love most about them is that: THEY ARE PREGNANT. baby Ruth is coming soon and she will bring tons of beautiful colors into her parents life.


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