who or what is fodora?

fodora is a small village in romania. there are living 600 habitants and one of them is my grandma. fodora is one of my favorite places in the world. you want to know why?

1st of all….my father was born there.

I had there my infant baptism.

God made and is making miracles there.

my brother and my sister spent in their childhood every summer there – now they have both a strong character.

my blind grandpa had his funeral there.

I listened to the most beautiful songs in that place.

we have funny family reunions there.

fodora has a breathtaking wood with tall trees and a lot of fruits.

my grandma has the best fountain of the village.

everything and everybody is natural in that place.

you can find untouched nature there.

my cousins

my special grandma

my dad sleeping like a baby in grandma’s garden

grandma’s cow „Stella“

grandma’s soup

my uncle the musician, my sister, my cousin and my grandma

mealtime in fodora

she loves talking

old women in the church

the church of fodora

don’t waste your time. it’s more precious than gold.

old lady walking through fodora


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