the dressmaker

Mrs Toma is one of my favorite women in my life. she looks after our apartment in romania. our precious neighbor wasted her whole life in her apartment and this not because of unemployment. she’s a dressmaker in her own home. rich people, family members, other neighbors, young girls and housewives were dressed by this lady. when i met her in romania she told me that at the moment she sews just for a few people. „i have to enjoy my last years of my life. i missed too much, because of this job.“ and she’s right. i’m so glad that she’s a part of my life. her beloved husband died some years ago. one night he woke up and took her hand, he told her how much he loves her. a few hours later he died. Mrs Toma is often lonely, because she has no children. her sewing-machine gives her strength and also God is important in her life.



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